Versace, Gucci and Louis Vuitton –

All three kittens are sweet, spunky and adorable ! All have very similar personalities.  They all cuddle when they want, purr, chat, play and goof around.  All are male and born 19Nov22.  All have good eating and bathroom habits. Louis Vuitton – (ADOPTED) black/brown medium hair male, 11wks Gucci (ADOPTED) – white with dark patches,Continue reading “Versace, Gucci and Louis Vuitton –”

Pickles (avail) (Cheese, Yasha and Fievel -all adopted)

*** Only Pickles is left looking for a home ! These babies were all found on the side of the road starving. Thankfully someone found them and called us! These sweet babies are all pretty cuddly and adorable. They are a bit shy of new people and will do best in a quiet calmer home.Continue reading “Pickles (avail) (Cheese, Yasha and Fievel -all adopted)”

Chicken and Nugget – Courtesy Post

The two girls are big and loving, happy with humans and kids.  Once acclimatized, they’re OK with other dogs, but need formal introductions before joining the party.  Cats are an unknown commodity in their lives.  They’ve lived alone on a big farm, so are not used to the social parameters that a more urban life entails.Continue reading “Chicken and Nugget – Courtesy Post”