BSL is Everyone’s Problem

BSL or Breed Specific Legislation is everyones problem. BSL is where certain areas put in place legislation banning the members on the community from owning certain breeds, mainly Pitbull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, at least that is how it starts. Next in line are Rottweillers, German Shepherds, Mastiffs and Great Danes. What kind of world do we live in where the local govenment can tell what type of dog you can own? No here though, BC is still a great place to live! We wouldn’t have shelters that kill anything resembling a pitbull? Do we?

Education is the key. Please inform yourself and your friends and family on responisible dog  ownership. Get training! Ask around a find a great trainer to help you with your dog. Check out some of the links below for some great information. Want to see if you have BSL in your community? Check out this link.  Participate in the Canine Good Neighbour Program. Check out this link for more info.  Learn proper dog etiquite with Citizen Canine!  Follow the rules and bylaws in your community.

Still unsure about Pitbulls? Research the breed, find out more information. Talk with your local shelters and other animal proffessionals for more information on the breed. Check out advocacy agencies such as Watch Beyond the Myth. This is a great video for anyone still unsure about the Pit Bull Hysteria.

Hold media accountable! Often the media is highly competitive and exaggerates a story for good ratings. When you see things like “Pitbull Attack” ask why they put the breed in the title. How often do you see the words “German Shepherd Attack!” Many times the media will not even print local attacks unless in involves a Pitbull.

Read this article “Pit bull bias in the media“.

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