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Phife – adopted

He is 10 months, big suck, listens well off leash but can be stubborn at times – he really loves sticks and will retrieve them but wont always bring back as he thinks you will take away. Very food driven so easily corrected with food as reward. That being said you don’t want to leave food out where he can get it  —  or he will eat it first chance he gets. 

He is crate trained and will go in crate on command. Good with other dogs and with cats.

Cons: May dig out of boredom, mild separation anxiety but is starting to out grow, loves his ball/sticks a little too much.

He is up to date on shots and is neutered. 

He would do best in a a bully savy, active home where he will get lots of attention and someone who can work on his training.   We think he’s a  Pitt Bull / Boxer X

** Please research the breed

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