Cookie – adopted – A loving story

Updated:. May 2020

Cookie is adopted and thriving in her new home!   After lots on love and vet care she had her hernia repair done, a dental and now has all her fur back and looks amazing!

Cookie is in foster care with loving people who want to adopt her once she is ready, but we felt her story needed to be shared so we are posting here.  She is so loving and strong she disserves for her story to be told.

Cookie came to us after being found as a stray and no one came looking ..    She is a spunky sweet, outgoing girl who loves everyone and just wants to cuddle !   She loves her walks and eats well and is getting better every day .   To meet her you would be surprised at what a state she was in when we first got her !

She has a HUGE hernia on her tummy, she has half of her jaw eaten away from what we don’t know.  Her dew claws were so long they were like cork screws, she had no furr on her butt end and skin problems.   We have taken care of her mouth as she needed a dental and we had to remove her last 4 teeth but they were so infected she feels much better now!  Her furr is growing back and she is putting on weight.  We trimmed her dew claws as well.  The last thing we need to work on is getting her Hernia fixed.  We have to send her medical records to a specialist to see what options she has and if we can fix this.   It will be an extensive and expensive surgery if we can !

She is in a loving foster home now who is going to adopt her once she is ready but we wanted to post this sweet girl so that you can see how sweet and resourceful animals are and she is such a love that her story disserves to be told and shared ..

we are all praying for her to do well and survive all that she has to go through but in the mean time she is being loved and adored and spoilt every day !

Donations to her care and others just like Cookie are always needed ..  Tax Receipts are always given for all donations ..

Published by Broken Promises Rescue

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