Walter aka The Walt

July 25 2020

Walter is no longer up for adoption.   He has been with me for over a year now.  Is pretty blind now, totally deaf and not house broken so a fair bit of work .. and we don’t want to move him to a new home now that he has been with us so long ..  he will be with me, loved and cherished for the rest of his life !

Update:  Jan 16/20

Here is the good, bad  and CUTE about Walter…..

We aren’t sure of his age but he probably between 12 – 14 years old.  Totally deaf and eye site going.

Walter is a sweet and pretty easy boy, however he needs a home where he is not left much of the time.    He now goes to work with his foster mom and home with her.   He can be left for short periods but he does some times get in distress if he wakes up and can’t find her and will scream over and over.  (sort of screams like a peacock)    So he needs someone who will be with him most of the time.   And probably not in an apt.  as if he screams it is pretty loud and would disturb neighbors.    He can fuss and be a bit whiny sometimes.      So it can be a bit trying at times trying to figure out what he wants.   Thankfully that doesn’t happen often.  But as he ages we aren’t sure if this will become more often.      He still isn’t house broken so will go in the house when ever he needs to.  Will not use pee pads (arggg)   he just goes where ever he wants.    He is good with animals as long as they leave him alone.  He is pretty oblivious to other animals so won’t make a good “buddy” for someone as he could care less about other animals.     He is pretty fragile so needs someone who is good about watching where you walk as he can get under feet and can’t be left on a couch or near stairs as he would fall and hurt himself.   He has already broken his jaw twice so this is a concern.    He wouldn’t be good with dogs or cats who are playful and want to play with him as he wants no part of it.  He is also totally deaf and his eye site is going.  He can see you if you are close enough and enough light in the home.

Now the Good !   He is adorably cute and he is pretty easy.  he sleeps about 90 % of the time !   he loves to cuddle and be with you all the time ..  He is only about 2.5kg so small enough to carry around ..  he does enjoy short little walks but doesn’t need anything major ..  When he first wakes up and see’s you he will get super excited and dance a bit if you tap the floor by his front feet !

Update on Walter (July 29/19)

Walter is doing great he’s eating well and has gained some weight.  he is a sweet little boy who’s pretty easy.   He loves to go for car rides and go for walks.   He’s great with cats.   He needs a home where he can have lots of attention and somebody home alot.   His only downfall is he’s not so great with the house training.    So we put a belly bands on him when he’s in the house so that he can’t make a mess.   He needs a home with no stairs or a way to baby gate as he can’t go up or down .. he is super small (2.10kg) and will fall down stairs ..  would be best as well with no kids and no bigger dogs as he is super fragile ..


Walter came to us in May 2019 from up Island after he was sitting in the shelter for two weeks and no one came looking for him.

When he came to us he was skin and bones ..soon after getting him we realized something was wrong with his mouth so we did X-rays and realized he had a broken jaw.   as well we could see a old fracture so it appears this is the second time it has broken.     He was then put on a feeding tube that’s inserted in his neck and into his stomach so we could feed him through the tube a liquid diet so that he didn’t have to use his jaw.

It has now been six weeks with a feeding tube and we were just able to remove it today.   Now we hope he will be able to eat and that his jaw has healed properly.   And that he’ll continue to lose weight.

He has a ways to go before he’ll be ready for his forever home.   He is extremely small and fragile, he just finally reached over to kg in weight.  He  Is completely deaf and he can see but his vision is probably starting to go.     We are not sure of his age but he’s probably 13 or 14 years old.    Unfortunately we haven’t had much luck in house training him due to the fact that positive reinforcement is difficult since he can’t hear  and we can’t give treats since he had a broken jaw..    he pretty much just goes whenever he feels the need..sigh….

Please stay tuned for more information or watch our Facebook page with more update.



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