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Toby – Needs Barn Home

We are helping someone rehome Toby as he is no longer safe in the location he is living. Here is what she says about Toby:

Toby is primarily outdoor and would need that to continue as it is a major factor to his lifestyle. I have him trained to come inside my home for a feeding between 5pm-6pm daily to which he receives wet and dry food. I believe that to be an important part of my bonding with him since he isn’t prone to periods of intensive affection. When the weather is poor I can coax him in and he will sit at the foot of the bed or couch. I am able to brush him occasionally as well as examine him if I notice any cuts or usual physical behavior. I can tell he is quite resistant to being handled but will allow it if my environment is calm. He often will laze about when I am outside gardening. He does Hunt for me so he would make a good mouser for someone if needed !

Toby is just over 8 years old.  He sadly needs a new Barn home and hopefully inside access when the weather is bad.

He’s in good health and active.  He will need to continue getting a physical check up once a year. He’ll require wet food once a day, it’s been a huge part of his routine for years. 

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