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Tic and Tac

These boys need a home together.. They are about 3-4 months of age.

This is from the foster family…

Tac (Tabby & White) is very playful, he loves the dogs and loves to explore as long as he knows we are watching him and his brother is close by, He is a bit of a food hound.  If he smells food he starts chatting away, but he is very good about the dry kibble being available and not indulging in too much food.  He is fully litter box trained, loves playing with toys, and is all about a good snuggle.  He will still hide with fast movements and loud noises or if he cannot find his brother he will howl or hide and not come out until his brother is back in sight.  Otherwise, he has done very well at coming to us when we enter their room, lay on the floor with them, or have them in our room for snuggles.  

Tic (Black and White) is the quiet one.  He prefers a quiet place to lay down or snuggle.  He does not like fast movements, loud noises, or being separated from his brother, so he will hide until he feels it is safe to come out.  He is doing great when we are quietly sitting there to just run up to us and give headbutts and kisses. He also loves toys, he is fully litter box trained and takes his time eating.  He enjoys the snuggle and playtime with the dogs.

Both kittens are full of purrs and kisses and most days it sounds like a racetrack in their bedroom as we can hear them romp and play.   

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