Ori’s Litter

The “Secondary Sci-Fi Characters” Litter, AKA Ori’s litter – DOB: Aug 15 2021

Listed oldest kitten to youngest:

Chiana, Female, Tabby-marked calico with strong white blending on face and paws, large orange spots on sides, grey eyes.

Chiana is the largest kitten, and the most docile while being held. Soft voiced, curious, she likes to bounce down the couch to say hello – and then run away to play with a cat spring. She is Good with cats and dogs. Named after Chiana, from Farscape!

Rygel (ADOPTED !!)

Male, swirled tabby, dark orange and light orange with white throat, blue eyes.

The friendliest of the bunch, if you are sitting down, Rygel would like to crawl in your lap or sleep on your shoulder – if you’re standing up, he’d like you to hold him! A very snuggly, affectionate boy, Rygel will give you little kisses and nibble your hems. Good with cats, dogs, and children! This lovely boy really wants affection. Named after Rygel from Farscape! Not living up to the name, far too pleasant and lovely.


Male, swirl tabby, medium orange with white belly and white paws, blue eyes.

Rodney is a curious little kitten, he likes to watch and learn – he’ll try to drink from teacups to see what the fuss is about. Very friendly, but also very involved with wrestling with his siblings. First kitten to get on the cat tree! Would be good in a multi-cat house. Dog friendly, very people friendly. Named after Rodney from Stargate Atlantis, and he’s been living up to the name.


Female, tortoiseshell calico with a perfect orange line down her face and one orange toe on each foot, blue eyes. Romi has an unusually fine, short coat, and gets cold and hides under blankets.  She is a bit more shy than her siblings, she prefers to do her own thing rather than cuddle- unless a blanket is involved but she is still a baby so has time to come out of her shell. She’s an adventure cat! She can make it to the top of the 8-foot cat post without pausing. Romi is the wild-child of the litter, and was the only kitten to climb up and down stairs. She’s never been afraid of dogs or cats. Named after Romi, from Andromeda Ascendant.


Female, ginger-dominant calico with ash grey markings on face, paws, and tail, yellow eyes.

Harper is a tiny clone of her mom! She looks exactly like her, down to the same grey patches. She also has the same wonderful snuggly personality, and a voice that let you know which kitten was Harper from Day 1.  Her purr is loud and will shake her entire body, she’s the runt by two hours and still a bit smaller than her siblings but she’s a spunky girl with a lot of energy and personality. A fast learner, this little kitty will surprise you with how clever she is. She’d love a home with other cats and dogs. Named after Shamus Harper, from Andromeda Ascendant.


Male, Orange Tabby with white markings, and blue eyes.

Kira is out going and friendly! Likes to be near people, adjusts quickly to strangers, and purrs when he’s picked up. He will wrap himself around your ankle when he wants to be held. Kira will be your little couch potato if you want him to be. Good with cats, dogs, not shy at all. Named after Kira from Deep Space 9!

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